Rehabilitation of bypass roads crucial for construction to commence on EBD main corridor – Min Edghill

Major road works within the Farm, Grove, and Diamond areas are crucial to the commencement of the highly anticipated US$75.8 million East Bank Demerara (EBD) Road improvement project, spanning from Good Success to Timehri.
This was according to Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill during an inspection of several ongoing projects while noting that the community roads will be used by commuters as bypasses given that the main access road will most likely be closed for some time to meet its 36-month deadline.

Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill and team during the inspection

“Very soon we will be able to give this road to the people of the community and not only the community because this links with the main road at the back (Hero’s Highway) so people can be able to use this as an alternative route. And this becomes more and more important because once we start construction on the Grove-Timehri Road, we will need all the bypasses in place,” Edghill said.
The scope of works in Farm includes the laying of crusher run, and grading asphalt on some 2.5 kilometers of road from the East Bank Public Road to the Heros Highway.
Additionally, the construction of 21 roads in Grove, totaling 3.5 kilometers in length is ongoing as well as 1 kilometer in 5th Street, Diamond. The road works which started in April are being undertaken by the Ministry of Public Works’ Special Projects Unit.
The East Bank Demerara (EBD) Road improvement project aimed at supporting climate-resilient infrastructure development, marks the first of its kind to be funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Guyana.
According to the Ministry of Public Works, the project has been divided into three sections to ensure it remains on schedule with minimal disruption to commuters.
Section A covers the stretch from Good Success, beginning at the Ganga Temple, to Supply, while Section B extends from Supply to the Soesdyke Junction. Section C continues from the Soesdyke Junction to the Timehri Junction, near the Timehri Police Station.
A notable feature of the project is the integration with the Soesdyke/Linden Highway through the construction of a roundabout, designed to facilitate smoother traffic transitions.
The project entails the rehabilitation of 24 kilometres of road, alongside the reconstruction and widening of over 58 bridges and culverts.
The roadway will be upgraded to a two-lane highway, complete with enhanced safety features such as sidewalks and cycle lanes to cater to vulnerable road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.
Additionally, thermoplastic road markings, LED street lighting, and traffic signs will be installed to enhance safety and navigation along the carriageway.
To manage the flow of traffic during the construction period, a comprehensive traffic management plan has been developed. Construction will begin in Section B, where there is sufficient space to accommodate ongoing work without severe traffic disruption.
During that time, at least one lane of traffic will remain open at all times, with efforts to maintain two lanes wherever possible.
This project is part of the PPP/C Government’s effort to improve the country’s infrastructure, as part of its manifesto commitment to provide enhanced transportation efficiency and safety nationwide for all road users.
As the main roadway leading to the country’s main port of entry – the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) in Timehri, the EBD corridor has been massively expanded in recent years.
An alternative four-lane highway from Mandela Avenue to Diamond, a Diamond to Mocha/Arcadia two-lane road, a four-lane road at Little Diamond, a new Grove/Diamond Road, and several road ongoing expansions at Diamond to Craig, Providence, and Eccles have significantly lessened traffic congestions on the East Bank.
These and other planned road works along the EBD corridor will be further bolstered by the current construction of the India-funded bypass road project that will link the EBD corridor at Eccles to the East Coast of Demerara (ECD) at Ogle, creating a new highway in the backlands. The Government plans to eventually extend this four-lane road to CJIA.