Repair my GTT landline service

Dear Editor,
Would it ever be possible for GTT to restore the services of my two landline phones to normalcy? For more than six months now, the one at Adventure and the other at Suddie have not been functioning, much to my inconvenience.
During that period, umpteen reports were made at the complaints desk in the Anna Regina compound, and two letters were even sent to the officer-in-charge to have the matter rectified.
All along, a technician came twice, but it was just useless to bring about corrective measures. The major problem with the phones is that, ever so often, there is no dial tone; and even when this comes on, it is not possible to make or receive calls.
For sure, my frustration and stress over the use of the phones will be eliminated with the company doing a favour to provide information on the true position.
It is well known that, from the lack of the company providing an efficient service, many customers have abandoned the use of their landline phones.
As a matter of fact, monopoly is always bad for customers, with a clear demonstration of such situation taking place here.

Yours respectfully,
Baliram Persaud