Return of King Midas

Satiricus had a sinking feeling about what lay in store for him when he got to the Back Street Bar. After all, all the players in the unfolding horror story were from his KFC party…even though his party leaders, Nagga Man and Rum Jhaat, weren’t. He was worrying, of course, about the coalition Government nationalising the Berbice Bridge. He wasn’t disappointed in his fears.
“Sato, me bin tell alyuh na fuh tie bundle wid dem Pee’n’See people!” said Cappo before Satiricus could even pick up his beer. “Look wha’ dem do now!”
“What specifically are you talking about?” asked Satiricus, stalling for time.
“Na play schupit, Sato!” said Bungi sharply. “Yuh know full well Cappo ah ta’k ‘bout how de Pe’n’See tek ova de Berbice Bridge!”
“An’ dem use yuh bai Patta-Sin fuh do de jaab!” added Cappo.
“I think Patta-Sin has been Pee’n’See “boy” for quite a while,” said Hari. “Notice how he tried to speak like Burnham when he announced the takeover?”
“Fellas, I just want to make clear I’m not in favour of this Bridge Nationalisation,” said Satiricus, as he downed his beer slowly.
“Suh yuh tell Nagga Man an’ Rum Jhaat da?” asked Bungi.
“Yes, I did, as a matter of fact,” replied Satiricus.
“So will they speak out against it?” countered Hari.
“Nagga Man told me, ‘When yuh haan in tigah mout’ yuh gat fuh pat ‘e head’,” said Satiricus cautiously.
“Wha’ de ass ‘e mean?!” demanded Cappo. “Wid Grain-Ja in Cuba, na he a de tigah?”
“E mean ‘e a wan toot’less tigah!” grinned Bungi.
“Out of all the people,” said Hari, “Nagga Man should know nationalisation isn’t the way to go.”
“That’s why I don’t agree with it,” said Satiricus defensively. “Rod Knee sarcastically called Burnt Ham “King Midas”, since everything he, Burnt Ham, touched turned to sh*t!”
“An’ since Burnt Ham tek ovah sugah, ba’xite, haspital drugs an’ ev’ryt’ing else, abee tu’n de fus ‘shithole country’!” laughed Cappo.
“Now abee guh tu’n jus’ like Venezuela!” moaned Bungi.