RHTY&SC, DTV-8 hosts successful Tribute to Mothers Programme

The 10 cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTY&SC) for the 13th consecutive year joined hands with long-term partner Daves Television Station to host the Annual RHTY&SC/DTV-8 Berbice Mother of the Year Award Ceremony.

The three outstanding mothers, their children, RHTY&SC and DTV-8 officials after the presentation

Three outstanding mothers – Kamaldai Panday, Canesha Mc Kenzie and Indira Indarsingh – were honoured as Mothers of the Year for being outstanding role model parents and mentors to their children.
Club Secretary/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hilbert Foster stated that DTV-8 and RHTY&SC have hosted the popular award programme since 2007, with dozens of outstanding mothers being honoured. The main objectives of the award are to recognise the contribution of outstanding mothers, to highlight role model mothers for younger mothers to emulate and to promote the importance of motherhood.
Foster stated that motherhood was the most important job in the world, as it was no simple task to conceive a child, carry it within your body for nine months at great health risk and then nurture it to become an adult.
The bond between a mother and her children is unbreakable. Mothers, Foster noted, are God’s representatives on earth and he praised the three mothers for being outstanding parents. In today’s modern world with so many distractions such as social media, it is very difficult to be a parent.
The RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO urged the parents to share their experiences with the younger generation of mothers. One of the main problems in Berbice today, he stated, is that teenagers are making children and most of them are not paying attention like the older generation of parents.
He decried the lack of involvement of grandmothers in the development of children, unlike the past when grandparents were actively involved in the day-to-day development of their grandchildren. Foster hailed the contribution of his mother Claudette and grandmother Josephine, who were the main reasons why he and his brothers were so successful because they made sure that the three brothers understood the importance of hard work, education and faith in God. He urged the parents to preach a daily gospel of personal discipline, and importance of education and family unity to their children and urged the attentive children to always respect and cherish their mothers.
DTV-8 Managing Director Anita Rambarran noted that the television station was proud to once again work along with the RHTY&SC to honour mothers in Berbice. DTV-8, popularly known as the Family Station, was dedicated to the development of families across Berbice and would continue to work along with the Sports Club in the future, Rambarran stated.
Each of the awardees received a trophy, medal, framed certificate and a special gift from the Club. The winners were chosen after children across Berbice were encouraged to submit an essay on the Topic: “Why I love my Mother”. The 10 cricket teams of the RHTY&SC are Poonai Pharmacy Under-12 and Under-13, Farfan & Mendes Under-15, Bakewell Under-17 and Second Division, Pepsi Under-19 and Intermediate, Metro Female, Gizmos & Gadgets Under-21 and First Division. The teams also provided snacks and refreshments to pensioners as they waited to uplift their monthly pension at the Rose Hall Town Post Office.