Sugar estates sustained lifeblood of our villages, small towns

Dear Editor,
The recent letter by Dr Leslie Ramsammy of the PPP on the plight of sections of the economy that have been negatively impacted by the closure of several sugar estates makes many doubt if the strategy for improving the industry is as solid as it could be.
If we are to consider the forecasted increase in GDP for our nation’s economy, it is easy to see that the upcoming oil boom and the resulting increased per capita income, whether distributed directly as suggested by some WPA members or trickled down via a capitalist model, that the future improved buying power of the population should be more than sufficient to save the entire industry. Thus, it is premature for our nation’s current leadership to pursue closure of estates which provide the very important task of sustaining the lifeblood of our villages and small towns. This will also mitigate any risk from the pursuit of a purely trickle-down capitalist model associated with the usage of our oil revenue. We must remember that we have one of the best products on the market and a premium price is paid for similar knockoffs which lack the heritage and prestige associated with our Enmore Crystal and Demerara Sugar.

Best regards,
Jamil Changlee