Govt’s continued refusal to fulfil its obligations to Guyana’s Constitution

Dear Editor,
December 21, 2018, was the “D” Day for this David Granger regime. It was the day that a successful no-confidence was passed and the Government fell. Eight months have gone by since but the Government still maintains that it has not fallen, and being in that denial mode, it refuses to fulfil its obligations to the Constitution of this country. Ever since that time, the PNC has been engrossed in the most expensive of litigations to stave off the expressed dictates of the law, as we say in creole, they have been on a “fight down” campaign on the Constitution.
Billions of taxpayers’ dollars have been spent on senseless litigations as they try to circumvent Articles 106 (6) and (7) of the Constitution. This is total madness, a nation cannot continue to fight against itself, the rule of law must take precedence! All countries are governed by laws and Guyana is no exception so why is the PNC trying to stop the inevitable, why stifle the rule of law? And the answer comes back again, they are scared stiff as to the results of an election. The PNC knows that they will lose the next election in a very definitive way and this frightens the daylight out of them.
The PNC in their desperation is testing the system to the maximum with their endless appeals and counter appeals, however, these moves only serve to delay the process somewhat, but in the final analysis, they will have to face the electorate which I can tell them would not be very kind towards them. The Granger cabal must realise that the people of this great country are no fools and we will hold them accountable for their actions. Dire will be the consequences for this Government when it is the people’s turn to speak.

Neil Adams