Trouble …in APNU camp

With the way the weather’s been acting up recently, we’re been reminded with a vengeance of the import of the phrase “when it rains, it pours”. And sadly, the leader of the Opposition, Aubrey Norton, is finding out that import as leader of the PNC and APNU: when the shit hits the fan, it splatters everywhere!! Here it is, APNU was formed before the 2011 elections for the specific purpose of hiding the PNC from the terror they struck in the minds of half the population. Not good when folks enter the polling booths and you want them to put their Xs next to your Palm Tree!!
But leader of the PNC, Robert Corbin knew the PNC needed deep cover with a new name. He not only agreed to join up with some minnows – after several incarnations of PNCR and PNC-R1G had failed – but actually stepped aside as leader to place David Granger in his stead!! Greater love hath no man for his party than RHO Corbin!! So PNC “coalesced” with a bunch of paper and one-man parties like the National Democratic Front (NDF); the Justice for All Party (JFAP); Guyana Action Party (GAP) and the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) – now replaced by GNB – to form “A Partnership for National Unity” (APNU). Tell your Eyewitness now, Dear Reader, did you ever hear about the NDF?? The PNC was now the elephant in APNU – and could sit anywhere it wanted because of its size!!
And the gambit worked!! APNU did quite well at the 2011 elections and with the seats of the AFC, checkmated the PPP in the National Assembly!! Coalescing with the AFC for the 2015 elections was a no-brainer – even though Ramjattan’s worry that the AFC would be “Dead Meat” proved prescient!! Now while APNU/AFC had their hands in the till between 2015 and 2020, everything was hunky dory – the folks in the paper parties providing the fig leaf to the PNC were well taken care of!!
But here we are – four years after APNU/AFC were voted out and with the PNC fighting to remain viable – having voted in the now-beleaguered Norton to replace Granger – the paper-parties worm seems to’ve turned!! They’re clearly being orchestrated to sideline or control Norton by voting him out as chair of APNU. They claim to’ve invited the PNC, but Norton denies this and says their action is illegal! But if the paper parties are taking away their cover, there’s precious little Norton can do about it!!
Unless, of course, they’re planning on supporting another (dark?) horse in the PNC leadership sweepstakes – who they’ll identify before the Congress votes end July!! They’ll become kingmakers and demand more flesh come 2025!!

…in African Guyanese orgs??
Your Eyewitness just read that some 27 African Guyanese orgs got funding from the Government. Now this is sure to raise some eyebrows – and ire – in IDPADA-G which had received hundreds of millions from the PNC (under cover as APNU/AFC), but had its money spigot turned down by the PPP Government. The PPP claimed that the money wasn’t ending up with the folks who it was intended to help – Guyanese of African Descent in their formulation – but with IDPADA-G’s staff.
PM Phillips explained that the funding of $50 million was part of the $100 million that had been budgeted under the Govt’s 2024 commitment to the UN-sponsored International Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024). The funds would allow various groups to tackle critical needs from agriculture to healthcare and training, to directly benefit the community of Guyanese of African descent.
Your Eyewitness hopes the groups receiving the funding highlight their work where African Guyanese learn to fish rather than being given fishes.

…with labelling
“And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.”