We must protect the little people

Dear Editor,
I read in the newspapers recently of the awards ceremony hosted by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS). Among the awardees for health and safety, I recognised, were my neighbourhood garbage collectors, Puran Brothers.
Editor, I must admit I was perplexed by the award, as I recognise the garbage collectors who collect my refuse weekly without any protective gear. I often ask them why they do not have such gear, and they would tell me their company does not provide them with the gear.
I have told them several times that the law requires their company to give them appropriate gear. They have told me if they want gear to protect themselves in doing the company’s job, they must pay for it themselves.
Editor, I am doubtful that the GNBS was aware of this when it decided to award the company. I am also not sure whether this matter has ever been investigated by the Ministry of Labour.
Editor, it is my view that such companies do not deserve awards, but, as I said, it is my view.
We must protect the little people.

Yours faithfully,
Patricia Persaud