We must see justice for all!

Dear Editor,
The recent arrests in the Henry boys’ case make for great news in the advancement of obtaining justice and maintaining a justice system that works independently of race or political affiliation.
The currently open cases of 17-year-old Haresh Singh and 34-year-old Chatterpaul Harripaul also need to be brought to a successful closure.
We have seen what political unrest in the USA has done. It had also led to a violent protest that resulted in the deaths of several individuals. Protesters are being arrested in that case; and in the case of Mr Harripaul, who fired his weapon during the rioting over the Henry boys’ murder, the local protesters who were involved in his murder also need to be arrested and charged.
The Guyana Police Force must show no racial or political bias in the execution of its duties, and avoid the perpetuation of its current reputation for biasness within the non-black community. Those involved in the protesters-led murder of Mr Harripaul and the murder of young Haresh Singh must also be brought before the courts, and stand trial for those murders. Our judicial system must be even-handed in how it deals with such heinous and racially-motivated hate crimes.
Hopefully, there has been the foresight to ensure that the FBI was able to also look into these two cases while conducting their recent investigation into the other two murders.

With concern,
Jamil Changlee