When we lie, we have to lie again to cover that lie

Dear Editor,
Mr Keith Lowenfield is the man of the moment; his name is making the headlines in the newspapers, on the radio, and in television news local and international. This man’s name is being dragged in the street, talked about at home, discussed at the office, is the hot topic in every conversation; and even the smallest child in Guyana knows how to reach out to him because he is so low in name and nature.
He gave the entire Guyana a humongous headache, the Caribbean is still reeling from his actions, and the international community cannot believe that a man of his calibre does exist. For a big guy, he’s quite an athlete, he sure can run. He ran from the Madam Chair’s last meeting; he ran from the CCJ; now he is running from the Magistrate’s Court.
Ole people say, “Even moon does run till day ketch am”. So, “run till yu bun.” This happens when “fear is the key,” but, “do nothing, fear nothing.” We all have to face the music one day, so do be good to the DJ. Here is what the man in the street will say to him if he is seen:
“Hey Bigshot Keith, you are the seat of deceit. You do have a lot of meat, but boy, oh boy, you’re beat with this feat. Make no mistake with this heat, it is definitely no treat. Now you can grin through your teeth, you just purchased your own wreath. You forgot to look underneath the white sheet, no wonder you didn’t see what’s written beneath. So much land, so much heath, do make a will and bequeath. Too many voices seethe, it’s not the frogs croaking for rain in the street. You should secede, the other guy wouldn’t concede. Do hide well the missing documents and SOPs in your sheath. Take your time and enjoy the Demerara river’s view, but think about the Lethe. When you meet fate, do greet with a smile and don’t forget to breathe. It’s not too late to retreat, the game of any cheat never ends sweet.”
When we lie, we have to lie again to cover that lie, and then lie until we die; and that’s not a true, true lie! Ole people say, “Make your bed (hard or soft), for it is you who have to lie on it! COVID-19 did not tell a lie, it didn’t say goodbye, it continues to amplify. Don’t share hi-five, but dignify how to rectify, otherwise it will pursue its course to magnify. The figure is high, be it gal or guy, we all can die. This spy is shy, you cannot see it with the eye, and it is not in the sky, but right here where we play.
When your ally does imply that you should comply and wear a mask, do not defy, but apply. You may deny someone from going awry, and they wouldn’t have to cry!
Stay safe Guyana, and always do what is right, so that we may sleep well and wake up tomorrow to see another daylight.

Jai Lall