“Whichever high school you get, you’ll be great” – Manickchand as students write NGSA

… exams conclude today for 15, 488 students

Kenwin Smith speaking to reporters

As ongoing efforts continue to foster equal educational opportunities across schools throughout Guyana, the soon-to-be graduates of the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examinations are set to benefit from this commitment to equality in education.
In a social media message to students writing the exams, Education Minister Priya Manickchand on Thursday said that not all students would be able to secure placement in their preferred schools due to the various schools’ capacity but emphasised the Government’s commitment to providing equal educational opportunities, ensuring that students receive unbiased education regardless of their school placement following examinations.

Arisely Bobbsemple

“Everybody is not going to get Queen’s College when results come out, not because everybody is not bright, but simply because Queen’s College has a limited number of seats. Only 150 people can fit there so our effort as the Government is to make sure every child is able to get a solid educational system as they deserve, whatever schools you get. Whatever school you get, you’ll be great. All we ask for you is to just do your best,” she expressed.
Additionally, she explained there were great efforts being made to have equal education for all students by the Ministry, as teachers were continuously being trained.
“The Government is training and retraining teachers and also supplying them with the same resources that every other school is being granted to them, amongst these implementations to foster equality are extracurricular activities that have been implemented across all schools,” she stated.
Manickchand also underscored that all the necessary educational materials, including textbooks and online content to prepare students for their assessments, were provided.

Students’ experiences
Meanwhile, students of the St Margaret’s Primary School had an opportunity to express their honest emotions after completing the first leg of the NGSA exams.
One student, Jasmine Dalgetty, told <<<Guyana Times>>> that after the first set of exams she felt “good” and her goal is entering the gates of the Bishops’ High School.
“I feel good; I’m proud of myself and I survived the examinations. Honestly, I think I did well in English, because it was very easy especially composition. I am aiming to go to Bishops’, because it is a very good school,” Dalgetty told reporters.
Another student, who spoke confidently, Arisely Bobbsemple says that she feels very nervous but she thinks she can make it to her desired school, Queen’s College.
“After sitting the exam, I feel very nervous but I know I can do it to ace the test, On a scale of 1 to 10, my excitement is on 10 to go to Queen’s College,” she revealed.
Young Kenwin Smith stated that after the exams were finished, he felt good, but he was a bit nervous while inside the examination room.
He confidently said that he wanted to go to Queen’s College, because those were the aspirations of his father.
“I feel good, but I had nervousness, I am aiming to get Queen’s College, because my father told me he wants me to go to a good school,” he said.
A total of 15, 488 pupils are writing this year’s NGSA ( May 2 and 3); some 15,273 pupils from the 11 educational districts wrote last year’s NGSA. The pupils are being tested in English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. The NGSA results will be available on or before July 5. Minister Manickchand expressed that the students’ curriculum has been consolidated to test up to a Grade 5 level. These students were the fourth batch who did the National Grade Five Diagnostic Assessment thus far. (G2)