Woman swims to shore after falling off Tumatumari waterfall

A woman escaped the jaws of death on Wednesday morning when the boat in which she was travelling capsized and ultimately fell off the Tumatumari waterfall in Region Eight (Region 8).
The incident is said to have occurred around 06:00h.
As the male managed to make it to shore safely, the woman was submerged in the water, and then disappeared. A report was subsequently made to the Police for assistance in locating the woman’s body after many hours had passed and it was feared that she had drowned.
However, to many persons’ surprise, the woman was seen by villagers walking back through the path on Wednesday evening.
According to Commander of “F” Division, Kevin Adonis, the woman claimed that she swam to safety and made her way home on foot. She was subsequently taken to the Mahdia Hospital, where she was treatment for minor injuries she sustained.