20 persons living with disabilities certified, ready for employment

A section of the graduates who are qualified and ready for the workforce

Determined to make valuable contributions to the workforce and not allow their conditions to limit their potential, some 20 youngsters have graduated from the Health Ministry’s National Vocational Training Centre for persons with disabilities, also known as the Open Doors Centre.
The graduates completed the two-year training in courses including beauty care, garment and craft, carpentry, and information technology (IT), according to the Department of Public Information (DPI).
The centre which focuses on providing training opportunities for adults aged 16-45 held its 11th graduation ceremony at the Ministry, Brickdam, Georgetown on Wednesday.
Best graduating participant Gabriel Gilkes reflected on his life story before he registered at the centre, noting that the journey has allowed him to start to achieve his fullest potential.
“Three, four years ago, I would not have attempted a lot of those soft skills that I have gotten and have gained from what the institution would have instilled in me… I thank God for using this institution to help me fulfill my potential,” Gilkes declared.
Health Ministry Permanent Secretary Malcolm Watkins who represented Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony expressed satisfaction with the milestone achieved by the graduates. He also applauded the support system that was provided to the trainees during their stint at the institution.
He noted that the Government acknowledged that persons living with disabilities are given equitable and fair treatment and support systems to help them achieve their goals.
“As we expand our support, we intend to commit closely with other stakeholders and continue to improve our collaborations with the other stakeholders nationally and individually, to find ways to provide more support as we move forward in the coming years,” he assured.
He added, “I can tell you, being here, working with the leadership here and with the guidance of the Government, we truly believe this motto and we do everything, every day to make decisions that are important to persons living with disabilities.”
Meanwhile, Director of Rehab Services, Dr Ariana Mangar charged the graduates to continue to make their families and the institution proud as they venture into the world of work.
The Open Doors Centre was established in 2001, under the auspices of a project instituted and funded by Associazione Italiana Amici de Raoul Falleau (AIFO), an Italian Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).
The centre also assists the trainees in finding jobs or furthering their studies through enrolment in other institutions like the Carnegie School of Home Economics and Guyana Industrial Training Centre (GITC). For further information feel free to contact the centre on 219-2737 0r 219-2753.