3 schoolgirls hospitalised after consuming alcohol, ‘tablet’ during minibus joyride

Three highly intoxicated teenage girls of Anna Regina Multilateral School, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) are being monitored by medical officials at the Suddie Public Hospital.
The girls reportedly boarded a minibus at Charity, Essequibo Coast, and were later seen consuming alcohol at the Anna Regina bus park.
They were reportedly picked up by officials of the Welfare Department and taken to the hospital where two of them remain in an unconscious state. When contacted, Divisional Commander Demise Griffith explained that she deployed a rank to the medical facility to gather information. Up to late Friday evening, the Police were hunting the minibus driver and another male, purportedly the conductor.
Griffith explained that the three young girls were consuming the liquor in the minibus.
“From the information that we received, the three girls were given red and white rum… in addition, one of the men we are looking for, reportedly took out tablets from a small plastic and apparently mixed it with the drinks that were given to the young girls,” the Commander added.
The official further stated that the parents were already contacted by the Welfare Department. They were also questioned by the Police. She is hoping that after the girls regain consciousness, the Police can get more information.
The use of alcohol among school-aged children has always been of concern to and on the Police radar in Region Two.
As a matter of fact, a former Commander, while stationed in the region, Khali Pareshram had expressed that too many youths are involved in alcohol consumption and it seems to be an issue which continues to go undeterred in Region Two.
Pareshram had told this publication that there was a high use of alcohol among teenagers, specifically those still attending secondary schools, in the division.
Although they may not be consuming alcohol on the schools’ premises or during instruction periods, a number of youths appear to be resorting to drinking as part of their recreational fun, outside of the classrooms.