Archery Guyana moves closer to Olympic qualification

For Wayne Gerald DeAbreu, his love of archery began when he was a mere child. The fascination was sparked when DeAbreu’s parents presented him with a small Indigenous bare bow and three arrows. Although his love for the sport was there, DeAbreu did not take it seriously until his late thirties. Similarly to his childhood, he was given another gift, but this time around, it was a traditional bow. Reminding him of his old love for archery, this gift provided the impetus for his renewed

Wayne DeAbreu’s practice session in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

interest in the sport and the rest is now history.
Now, the Guyana-born archer who resides in Canada has made the bold move to join Archery Guyana. Having started his shooting in 2010, DeAbreu is currently ranked as number 17 in the Province of Ontario, Canada and number 21 in Canada.
His official stats are as follows: Ontario ranking (17) DeAbreu, Wayne – M, ON Ranking Total 3057.84 Total Points 2017; Canadian ranking (21) DeAbreu, Wayne – M, ON Ranking Total 3018.00 Total Points. As such, he is well on his way to qualifying for the 2020 Olympics, representing the Golden Arrow Head.

Over time, DeAbreu became one of the top traditional shooters in Ontario; however, he longed for more. DeAbreu felt then that the traditional archery world was a great start, but it was time to evolve. As a result of this urge, he then upgraded to a Hoyt recurve bow (The Eclipse), which then put him in a new

Wayne DeAbreu scoring his target after shooting the 70m distance in Canada

category of competition, the Olympic Recurve shooting. This fuelled his desire to progress to greater heights, as he realised how natural instincts combined with technology made for greater consistency and accuracy.
The Guyanese archer invested heavily in the sport and even sought to remodel his house to facilitate indoor practice. With time and training, he progressed to be in the top three best in Ontario and in his final year with the bare bow, he set the Canadian bare bow record at 70 metres.
The following year, DeAbreu transferred to the Olympic recurve with a very aggressive goal of making it to the Olympics. His aggression and discipline in researching and retooling himself to becoming a great archer began to pay dividends, as he began to rise in the rankings in Ontario and Canada. This achievement is remarkable considering the fact that he entered the sport relatively late while all the programmes and resources were aimed and designed for younger archers.
Archery Guyana stands to benefit from DeAbreu’s tremendous experience as it moves forward in developing the local programme.
As such, Archery Guyana is enthused at the prospect of Guyana qualifying for the 2020 Olympics which loom in the near future and stands behind DeAbreu as he seeks to fulfil not only his personal dream but Guyana’s.