Azruddin Mohamed continues to revolutionise motor racing in Guyana

Young entrepreneur Azruddin Mohamed, son of prominent businessman Nazar Mohamed, has undoubtedly not only elevated the standard of motor racing in Guyana, but has revolutionised the sport – and all in just a few years!
As a child growing up, Azruddin always had a liking for fancy and powerful vehicles. In fact, at the age of nine, he started to drive his father’s car after washing it. Today, the motor sport fanatic owns some of the most exotic vehicles on the local scene, including Mercedes Benz, GTR, Raptors, Hummer and Super Amphibious Airboats.

Some of the vehicles Mohamed owns

This young businessman’s obsession with motor racing all started about seven years ago, when he attended an international meet at the South Dakota Circuit at Timehri, East Bank Demerara. He immediate fell in love with the sport, but had no idea he would have been influential in revolutionising the sport in a way that would massively attract Guyanese and international audiences.
With much enthusiasm, Mohamed bought several GTR motorcars and a fleet of superbikes. After some research and connections overseas, he engaged several top drivers from the United States of America, Canada and England. This was done to bring some versatility to the sport, and more so to make it more competitive.

Azruddin Mohamed and members of Team Mohamed at the South Dakota Circuit)

This mission was obviously achieved, and without a doubt, his entry into the arena has impressed the big guns while simultaneously encouraging others to up their games.
He next focused his attention on enhancing the infrastructure of not only the race track, but also the drag race pad, since these were each in a severely deplorable state.

Some of the accolades won by Team Mohamed

At that time, the infrastructure was not conducive for international competition, and to an extent was not such as would attract international competitors.
Using his own financial and human resources, he upgraded the facilities and made sure that a proper drag race tract was erected – one conformable to international specification.
Further, he constructed his own pavilion, which has modern washroom facilities, and imported modern equipment to sweep, clean and blow-dry the tract. Azruddin has, without a doubt, spent enormous sums of money to make motorsport in Guyana what it is today.
A few years ago, he lobbied the former administration, and now he is engaging the present Government, to resurface the entire race course.
Back in March 2020, at a People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) rally at Stewartville, West Coast Demerara (WCD), the then presidential candidate, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, had assured motor racing fans that he would upgrade the South Dakota Circuit to international standards once elected to office. Now that he is the serving President of this nation, the motor racing fraternity would hold him to his promise.
Notwithstanding, the young professional Azruddin Mohamed would like to see more business owners and establishments supporting motor racing in Guyana, since it can become one of the biggest tourism events.
“There are many poor guys who love this sport and need corporate sponsorship to improve the performance of their vehicles. Some businessmen prefer to stockpile their wealth, while we will all die and leave everything behind. We should all try to impact the lives of others through whatever means,” an impassioned Azruddin has added. (Bhisham Mohamed)