Bess impressed with team’s performance at CAC

By Timothy Jaikarran

Team Guyana’s outing at the 2022 edition of the CAC Bodybuilding Championship saw the local contingent walking away with a total of twelve medals, and according to Keavon Bess, President of the Guyana Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (GBBFF), the team’s performance was nothing short of phenomenal.

GBBFF President Keavon Bess

In an interview with this publication, Bess was asked what he thought of the team’s performance, and he said, “Team Guyana’s performance at CAC 2022 was nothing short of phenomenal. I expected the athletes to do well, and we knew there were athletes that would be medalling. It was easy to assume that Emmerson Campbell and Rosanna Fung would be medalling; however, we did not expect, at any time, to be returning to Guyana with five gold medals, six silver medals, and one bronze medal. It is nothing short of phenomenal, the athletes put in their best performance.

Rawle Green copped gold in the Masters Under-50 category

“For Miss Fung, that was the best performance of her life, and that was the best I have seen her look, and definitely deserving of the pro card that she was able to win.”

Rosanna Fung bagged three gold medals and her Pro Rank Card

Bess also disclosed that capturing that number of medals has raised the morale of both the GBBFF and the athletes. He said he believes that, going forward, the athletes would be encouraged to do “great things”.

Julio Sinclair bagged gold in the heavyweight category

Bess has also said that this performance has shown both the GBBFF and athletes that they can go on the highest stage and perform, and compete with the best of the best.
“It is a definite boost to the morale of the Body Building and Fitness Federation. We have already been doing good this year. For the year, we have had the Novices and Intermediate Championships, now we have gone to Barbados and done well. So, we have had a great year thus far, and we hope to finish (the year) with the Seniors (championship) later this year,” he stated.
Bess, further, said the GBBFF is exploring the idea of having Rosanna Fung represent Guyana at the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) competition, which will be held in South Korea; and while it has not been confirmed as yet, Bess noted, it will be looked at shortly.
The athletes who participated in the CAC Championships 2022 were: Asanti Conway, who won silver in the Junior Wellness event; Rosanna Fung, who won gold in the following events: Junior Wellness; under-160cm Wellness; and pro card in the Overall Wellness; Christina Ramsammy, who won silver in the under-169cm bikini event; Hannah Rampersaud, who placed fifth in the under-160cm bikini event; Nicholas Albert, who won silver in the Juniors bodybuilding event, and silver in the middleweight event; Roger Callender, who won silver in the bantamweight event; Rawle Greene, who won gold in the Masters under-50 event, and bronze in the under-90kg bodybuilding event; Emmerson Campbell, who won silver in the Men’s Physique under 173cm event; Jonathan Jeffery, who placed fifth in the Men’s Physique under-173 cm event; and Julio Sinclair, who won gold in the heavyweight event.