Botafago’s Osmond Cummings Memorial Football on Sunday at Silvertown

The annual Osmond Cummings Memorial Football promotion, which has for the past eight years been played by the Silvertown-based Botafago FC to honour its former president, Osmond Cummings, kicks off on Sunday morning from 10:00hrs.
Back home for the celebration is arguably Botafago’s finest player, Nigel ‘Mice’ Cummings, brother of the late Osmond, along with another brother, Wilbert, who all played for Botafago before migrating.
‘Mice’, a former Senior National player, said several trophies and medals are at stake for the various competitions, which start with the Under-15 championship involving Botafago FC, Eagles United, Rickland Hutson Leadership Academy, and a team from Buxton.
A female clash between Botafago and a ‘Rest’ team from Linden follows at 13:00hrs.
The final football competition, from 16:00hrs, will see Botafago taking on Capital FC, and some of the best young players from Linden will be on show in what should be a crowd-pleasing affair.
Admission is free, and there will be other attractions throughout the day for the huge crown that is expected for this annual football extravaganza in Wismar, Linden.