Brazil Samba Warriors franchise investor commits to the ‘Islands Cup Open’ tournament’

-Guyana Oilers to participate

Brazil Samba Warriors investor has joined the biggest party in football!!! The Caribbean Football Trust Limited (CFTL), a Barbados Corporation since 2008, is pleased to announce a Brazilian investor has officially joined the Pan-Caribbean region by providing his financial commitment as the Islands Cup Open (ISCO) tournament prepares for a Summer 2021 kick-off.
Brazil sealed their commitment to this football tournament yesterday when the Brazilian, a Miami-based investor who urged that he be allowed to remain anonymous, signed the commitment relevant to his co-ownership of Brazil SAMBA WARRIORS FC franchise participating in the upcoming tournament.
Mr. Jonas Ramos, a legal representative of the investor, was quoted as saying his client’s investment is “a great vision and insightful financial investment, with a fantastic projected ‘return on investment’ (ROI) both in the short and long terms.
“We are looking forward to this. Today is an historic and lovely day for my client. Our only concern is the COVID 19 virus going forward”, he said.
The ‘Islands Cup Open’ tournament has been conceived as a 12-week summer tournament that would comprise games to be played in three (3) different cities in Brazil and in the Pan-Caribbean. “Jamaica and Antigua & Barbuda will be utilised as our main hubs, with a caravan schedule in selected countries playing both mid-week and weekend games. This football tournament will infuse players from across the globe.”
Newly appointed ISCO CEO/ Commissioner Paul Mohamed called the implementation of ISCO a win for the Caribbean players and all fans of the beautiful game.
An ISCO press release appearing in the Brazil media on August 6, 2020 at Page 2 said, “We are on the cusp of something historic and exciting, not only for the fans but also emerging footballers within the regions. The Tournament gives them the perfect platform to showcase their talents, as they can take the field with some of their idols and also compete against the best of their peers, with the opportunity to secure unprecedented cash prize remunerations and, of course, compete for the championship trophy,” said Mohamed,”.
ISCO is intended to impact many spheres, igniting development and becoming a game changer for sports tourism and communities. The slated summer feature will see a professional tournament that includes recently retired legend Marquee players from across the globe as well as young Pan-Caribbean/Latin American talent all participating in the ten (10) franchises, which are as follows: Brazil Samba Warriors FC; Barbados Challengers FC; SC Colombia Tapirs; FC Combined Islands; AS Espanola Manics; AS Guyana Oilers; Jamaica Ruffnecks FC; Suriname Gladiators FC; TnT Soca Rivals FC, and the French Connection FC.
Legendary players who have most recently turned head coaches, such as: Colombia’s own Carlos Valderrama, Italy’s Marco Simone, France’s Vincent Candela, USA’s Brad Friedel and Trinidad & Tobago’s all time renowned Everald “Gally” Cummings, are some of the headliner coaches who will be assigned to selected franchises in this $3M Euro “Winner take all” annual cash prize Championship.
“Game days will be an experience that has never before been showcased in a single tournament featuring a rich spectacular vibe. It would be a melding of culture, food, football and live music genres such as Samba, Reggae, Soca, Salsa, Afro-beat, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, EDM and Bollywood all contributing to the extravaganza experience.
“ISCO is slated to be the ‘Biggest Football Fete Fest ever’; it will bring the party right alongside the game! With a specific mandate to address underprivileged youth across various communities, ISCO will answer the call, as CFTL has established that 45% of all its profits will be assigned to its own charity, branded as ‘Kick Poverty Out’, as well as our Social and Welfare Department campaign to “Kick Crime Out & Kids’ Lives Matters”. These initiatives are in association with local protective services in each host country.
“In the current environment of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all should be alert, cautious, and maintain a level of preparedness, mindful that the forecast and potential for things to worsen exist. It is for this reason that CFTL is committed to promoting the necessary practices that assist in eradicating this global pandemic. Thus, our advice and caution to all players, coaches, football fans, media personnel and others across the globe is: wash your hands, wear your mask, and maintain social distancing when in a public setting.
“We look forward to sharing the ISCO games with you in Summer 2021. Nets will shake!!” the press release said.