Mechanic killed by hauler truck

A mechanic was on Tuesday struck down and killed by a motor lorry at Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara (EBD), as he was crossing the main access road. Dead is 56-year-old Mohan Toolsie of Coverden, EBD.
Based on reports stated that accident occurred at about 7:45h. Investigations revealed that motor lorry GZZ 1233 was proceeding along Bagotstown Public Road when Toolsie disembarked a parked motor pickup, GNN 7019 and attempted to cross the road.

Dead: Mohan Toolsie

Police stated that Toolsie jumped over the concrete median at the center of roadway and ended up in the path of the moving lorry. The driver reportedly applied brakes to avoid a collision, but due to the short distance, the vehicle collided with the now dead man.
As a result of the collision, Toolsie sustained injuries to his body and was pronounced dead at the scene by the Emergency Medical Technicians. A breathalyser test was admitted on the driver of the lorry but there were no traces of alcohol in his system. He remains in custody, as investigations continue.

Speaking with Guyana Times, the victim’s son, Darshan Ramdeen, related that his father left home for work as usual on Tuesday. He worked as a mechanic and would travel to various locations with the company for which he worked.
He recalled that at about 7:56h, he received a telephone call stating that his father was involved in an accident and that he should head down to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre. Without hesitation, he reportedly rushed out of the house and as he was making his way to Diamond, he saw his father’s lifeless body on the roadway.

The truck that was involved in the accident

“To confirm my worst fear, I exited the vehicle soon after I saw some of his colleagues. So, I asked whose body was lying on the roadway and they replied, Mohan Toolsie. At that time, I was so confused because when they called me, they say that he was involved in an accident… at no time did the person tell me that my father had passed away,” the son related.
Upon enquiring, he was told that his father was working at a house in the vicinity when he left to purchase a hose at the shop opposite. This publication understands that it was while he was crossing the road after purchasing the item, he was struck down and killed by the motor lorry bearing registration number GZZ 1233.
“Apparently, they went to repair the home… after he was hit, I was told that an ambulance turned up at the scene… I am not sure if the ambulance was passing by or something at the same time, but there was a doctor in the ambulance and the doctor pronounced him dead,” he explained.
The driver of the motor lorry was subsequently arrested and remains in Police custody assisting with investigations.
Meanwhile, the son explained that the man’s death came as a shock to them, and they are still in disbelief that he lost his life so suddenly and in such a horrific manner.
“It’s not just his family, but everyone, even everyone in the community is in shock because [this] happened so suddenly,” another relative stated.