Death of Aishalton girl: 12-year-old strangled to death, struck to head – PME

– uncle confesses to murder

Two weeks after the body of 12-year-old Amanda Smith from Aishalton village in South Rupununi was found in her yard, a post-mortem examination has confirmed that the young girl was strangled to death coupled with brain haemorrhaging as a result of blunt trauma to the head and face.
Amanda’s parents had left her and her siblings at home on the evening of April 22 while they went out. Upon their return, they discovered Amanda’s battered body a short distance from their home. The accused killer, her 17-year-old uncle who lived nearby, has since been taken into custody.
During the investigation, the suspect allegedly admitted that as the young girl was heading towards the door to urinate, he stretched out his foot thus causing her to trip. As a result, she reportedly hit her head against a nearby wall and became unconscious.

Dead: 12-year-old Amanda Smith

The teenager claimed that after panicking, he picked her up and took her to the back of the yard soon after which, he heard the victim’s brother calling out to her. In fear, he fled the scene.
When contacted, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum related that the teenager allegedly snuck into the house via the back door, which the child’s older brother had left open while he used an outside washroom.
After realising that Amanda was missing, a relative told this newspaper that upon checking the backyard, the 17-year-old suspect was seen fleeing the area.
The family alleged that during Police interrogation, the accused killer said that he went to the house to check on the children. However, according to the child’s parents, they would never allow anyone, not even a relative, at their house at that time.
They said they believe that the child was attacked while she was asleep, strangled, and then dragged into the yard. “How else did she get compression to the neck? He probably attacked her and strangled her to death,” they said.
The devastating news of the child has sent shockwaves throughout the small community of Aishalton, with family, friends, and neighbours struggling to come to terms with the senseless loss of such a young life.
Amanda was a 7th Grade student at Aishalton Secondary School, and her death left a deep impact on the community. The grieving family is seeking justice for their beloved daughter, and the authorities are working tirelessly to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.