Doctor, landlord could face charges for recklessly dumping expired drugs

A medical doctor who was evicted from his place of abode and his former landlord are expected to face charges for the reckless dumping of expired drugs along Oronoque and Forshaw Streets in Queenstown, Georgetown on Wednesday.
Speaking with the media, Solid Waste Director Walter Narine explained that the city doctor had been evicted from the premises, and had left the items on the property. However, on Wednesday, the landlord took it upon himself to dispose of the drugs in an improper manner. As such, Narine explained, both the doctor and the landlord are being sought by the City Constabulary and the Police, so that charges can be instituted against them.

These boxes containing medical supplies were dumped at the corner of Oronoque and Forshaw Streets, Queenstown on Wednesday

Narine recalled that at about 7:30h on the day in question, a staff member attached to the Solid Waste Department observed the boxes being dumped and attempted to stop the process, but failed. The staff member reportedly contacted the Mayor and City Council, and a team was dispatched to the area.
Narine said he had also gone to the scene, and upon his arrival there, those who were dumping the boxes ran into the yard and locked the gates.
The City official confirmed that the boxes contained expired medical supplies and other documents belonging to the Georgetown Public Hospital. The doctor’s name was also attached to the documents.
Narine has explained that dumping of expired drugs has serious implications, and he said he is happy that none of it had reached the hands of vagrants, since that could have presented some potential danger. The waste was eventually removed from the area.
An investigation has been launched into the dumping of the expired drugs.