First Lady Arya Ali commissions First Outdoor Gym

The outdoor gym at the National Park was commissioned today by First Lady Arya Ali

Intending to enhance Youth Development through the area of sport, First Lady of Guyana Arya Ali commissioned Guyana’s First Outdoor Gym at the National Park, Georgetown on Thursday afternoon.
The Outdoor Gym is placed at two locations in the National Park; one at the Albert Street Entrance and the other at the Carifesta Avenue Entrance to cater to the wide influx of Guyanese, as the Gym comprises over 20 Gym equipment.
Chairman of Protected Areas Commission Jason Fraser speaking at the commissioning ceremony highlighted the importance of the project toward community development.
Fraser said, “The whole point of having these designated spaces is to foster that sense of community and I would like to think that persons that use our gym at the National Park and im pretty sure that you have built some friendships out of this, met some people, have some good conversations and so is a functional space that creates the atmosphere for community, for family.”
He went on to express gratitude to SYNOC for their collaboration towards the project.
“I would like to thank SYNOC and their team for collaborating with us on building out this new space within our Urban Parks and creating that runway, that fitness, that health an area where we can all come and enjoy both prominent and also get some work in” Fraser gratified.
Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud while delivering his remarks at the ceremony appealed to persons using these facilities to care for them effectively.