Garbage collector crushed to death by disposal truck

A garbage collector was crushed to death on Tuesday by the very truck on which he was working.
Dead is 54-year-old Chatterpaul Kabir.
Reports are at about 10:45h on Tuesday, Kabir and his co-workers were working at Covent Garden, East Bank Demerara (EBD) when the incident occurred.
This newspaper was told that the dead man’s colleagues who left the vehicle were collecting garbage near Middle Street, Covent Garden, to empty into the garbage truck GBB 2689.
Kabir reportedly remained inside the garbage truck for a short while before disembarking; however, the 68-year-old driver was unaware that Kabir was in the process of exiting the vehicle when he started reversing.
According to reports, Kabir was run over by the back wheel of the vehicle. His co-workers raised an alarm but by then, he was already crushed.
The Police were summoned to the scene while persons attempted to remove him to take him to the hospital. However, the man was already dead.
Meanwhile, the Police have since taken statements from Kabir’s co-workers. The 68-year-old truck driver is in Police custody assisting with investigations.
According to a Police Officer close to the investigations, the driver is “confused” and visibly traumatised about the death of Kabir.