GFF clears air on K&S Organisation enrollment

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF), having been planning an international futsal tournament for the past six months, has been pleased to sign a binding contract — specifying clear roles and responsibilities — with the Kashif and Shanghai Organisation as the coordinators of the event.
According to a release from the Federation, the rationale behind this partnership is threefold. Firstly, “In order to deliver a top class event at this time of year, the GFF needed expert third-party support, because of staffing and logistical requirements

GFF President, Wayne Forde

related to the GFF-Stag Super 16 Year-End Tournament.”
The release added, “Under its ‘One Team, One Dream’ Mission Statement, the GFF is committed to working with all football stakeholders in the promotion and development of the game, especially with those stakeholders who possess specific expertise and a positive track record in their respective disciplines.”
The release further made this declaration: “It is standard practice in the sports world for national or international governing bodies to engage and partner with third parties and service providers for the delivery and organisation of tournaments, competitions, leagues and other programmes”.
The local football governing body firmly believes Kashif & Shanghai have an unrivalled track record in the delivery of successful football tournaments in Guyana, and accordingly has every confidence that K&S will be the perfect partner with which the GFF would stage a memorable and popular futsal tournament.
GFF President Wayne Forde has said, “It might be useful for the football fraternity to recognise how fractured we are as a family, which certainly does not serve the best interests of the game. It is therefore my goal to seek to build consensus, cooperation, respect and compliance; and to set out with clarity a direction that every stakeholder can play a part in. This can only benefit football. Infighting and bitterness can only hold us back from our aim to develop the game.”