GFF to sign MoU with Denmark Football Federation

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) continues to make strides in order to take Guyana’s football to a higher level. It was revealed on Thursday that the GFF is expecting to sign with the Denmark Football Federation (DFF) a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that would result in many infrastructural developments for the GFF.

Guyana Football Federation President, Wayne Forde

The momentous occasion was initially scheduled for Thursday, but Jesper Moller, President of the Denmark Football Federation, was unable to be present owing to more pressing issues engaging his attention at the Union of European Football Association (UEFA).
Nevertheless, GFF President Wayne Forde felt it necessary to explain the nature of the Memorandum of Understanding.
“Today there was the signing of a MoU scheduled between the GFF and the Denmark Football Federation. The only reason we are not doing that signing today is because President Moller, who is also a member of the UEFA executive council, was called to an emergency meeting with UEFA. This partnership centres around every area of football development,” Forde declared.
Disclosing that despite his absence, Moller urged the GFF to submit their first projects, Forde initially revealed that the Federation will be utilising the assistance of CONCACAF representative Howard McIntosh, and will have to consult with the Federation’s executive committee. He then went on to share some plans that the Federation has in mind.
“One category of project will be infrastructure. We visited one of the locations that we want to do a massive grassroots development pitch at, and we are also discussing some of the specific areas of coaching education that we want to put as the first items on the partnership agenda,” Forde explained, hinting at the possibility of yet another synthetic pitch for Guyana.
Forde further explained that this recently developed partnership is one instance of Guyana creating ties with much larger footballing nations; ties which would pave the way for Guyana’s rise.
“This is all in keeping with the broadening of our bilateral relationships with other footballing countries. We know that Denmark is a well-developed football nation, and no doubt they have a wide array of expertise that (they) can lend to Guyana as we continue on our path of development,” he said.
Owing to the delay, the Memorandum of Understanding will now be signed at the FIFA Congress in June, which will be hosted in Paris. (Jemima Holmes)