GPHC promises impartial investigation into deaths of Leukaemia patients

– Express condolences to families

Following the recent deaths of three patients who died at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after being treated for cancer, the hospital is promising that it will deliver a transparent investigation of its own.
According to the hospital in a statement, GPHC Board Chairperson Kesaundra Alves met with the mother and relatives of Sharezer Mendonca, one of the victims, on Friday. In addition to expressing her deepest condolences, Alves also assured that a thorough and transparent investigation will be conducted.

Six year old Sharezer Mendonca

“The Board wishes to also assure the families of Curwayne and Roshani, and the public, that equally thorough and transparent investigations will be conducted into the circumstances which led to their passing. The Board and the hospital Administration are adamant that the facts and truth must be established without any hindrance.”
“GPHC understands the extreme distress and pain the families are facing at this difficult time and their anxieties for answers. The GPHC is making every effort to ensure that these investigations are completed in the shortest possible time.”
At the same time, the hospital warned that it is duty-bound to ensure that due process is followed to ensure the thoroughness and completeness of the investigations. While this is undertaken, GPHC also committed itself to continue to provide support for the families.
“The Board of Directors of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) expresses sincere condolences to the parents, family members and relatives of Curwayne Edwards, Roshani Seegobin and Sharezer Mendonca, the three children diagnosed with leukaemia who died

Three-year-old Roshani Seegobin

subsequent to receiving chemotherapy at GPHC.”
“GPHC is also seeking to provide support to the healthcare professionals involved who themselves are experiencing a considerable amount of trauma and anxiety. We are assured that none of the parties involved acted with any wilful intent to harm these precious patients. This situation is one of unspeakable distress and trauma for all involved,” the release added.
Six-year-old Sharezer Mendonca was taken to the Pediatric Ward on January 3, where she was administered with an injection before undergoing treatment. However, shortly after, Mendonca became unresponsive.
She was later transferred to the Intensive Care Unit and then the wards. Michael Mendonca, father of the child told Guyana Times afterwards that his daughter was admitted again to the ICU.
He noted that it appeared as though her face was swollen but relatives were not allowed to touch her body. Doctors also indicated that anything could be expected within the next few days. Mendonca subsequently died and the family went through further trauma when her body was reportedly given to the wrong family for burial.
During the same period which Mendonca was admitted, three-year-old Roshani Seegobin visited the said medical institution for cancer treatment but after returning home, her condition deteriorated. She was diagnosed with leukaemia and would usually receive treatment at the GPHC.
This publication understands that another child, Curwayne Edwards also passed away during this period after undergoing similar treatment. The drug was reportedly injected into the children’s spines. The use of the drug has reportedly since been discontinued.