Guyana will witness a catalytic change

Dear Editor,
Permit me the opportunity to firstly extend congratulations to Guyana’s ninth Executive President, Dr Mohamed Irfan Ali, the Prime Minister of Guyana Hon Brigadier Mark Phillips and to all members of the Cabinet.
I am penning this missive to create awareness for all Guyanese that Guyana is now heading “Back to the Future” under the PPP/C Administration. For the past five years, we have witnessed a Government which immersed itself in various convoluted actions to trample on our Constitution and disregard the laws of Guyana at the cost of taxpayers.
From the time the APNU/AFC Government assumed office in May 2015 they embarked on a retributive journey targeting PPP/C supporters, constituencies were targeted where the PPP/C receives majority support, witch-hunting in various Ministries were executed to weed out officers they assumed had an affiliation with the PPP/C, the closure of the various sugar estates which had a severe impact on the lives of thousands of Guyanese, failing to execute their 100-day plan as doctrine in their 2015 manifesto, and the most surprising one on their menu was the instantaneous fifty per cent salary increase given to themselves without inking their pen. These duplicitous actions by the coalition were the root causes of its defeat at two Local Government Elections and the 2020 General and Regional Elections.
Currently, they are stuck in the Kubler-Ross grief cycle and the toxicity that emanate from their leaders after March 2, 2020, caused their support base excruciating agony.
The precedent has already been laid out by the previous Government in relation to their non-conformance to Guyana and the Guyanese people.
As the PPP/C commences a new life cycle into Government it is advisable that they learn from their predecessor’s failure and take corrective action.
I am very optimistic that the next five years under the PPP/C Government Guyana will witness a catalyst change for all Guyanese to live a better life, since the leaders who were selected to serve in the various Ministries possess all the necessary knowledge and skills to execute their responsibilities to the benefit of all Guyanese. “Stronger together for a better Guyana.”

Shivram Raghubar