Hidden agenda as it pertains to H2H, credible voters’ list

Dear Editor,
There is a hidden agenda crafted and promoted by the PNC. Everybody knows this; and that motive is to delay the elections for as long as they can, while they do every illegal thing in that illegal stay in power.
There is also a story behind that so-called credible voters’ list; and that in itself is very clear for all to see: that is, to corrupt, confuse and distort so that it takes ages to rectify, while they prolong their illegal stay in office.
These are too sure and certain motives, and once the opportunity affords itself, they will drag that to the very end. It is as clear as noonday, and this is what I want the Madam Chairperson to address swiftly and condignly.
In the first place, who caused a perfectly fine, verified voters’ list to expire? The answer is The PNC did! That voters’ list was authentic up until April 30th, when they allowed it to expire. Now that they are faced with imminent elections they are finding every fault they can muster with that list.
Mark you well, that so-called faulty, expired list they are talking about is an NRR that was deliberately allowed to expire not so very long ago. So what is the big hue-and-cry about the formulation of a totally new voters’ list and mandatory house-to-house registration? Well, it is all the machinations of an illegal, corrupt PNC; a set of individuals who want to hang on to power come what may. So the next stopover by this corrupt cabal was to find fault with the voters’ list; and, here again, the process they chose to achieve this “new list” is the long, arduous route of house-to-house registration.
But wait a second; let us scrutinise that move a little closer. It must be noted that, to be authentic, House-to-House Registration must reach every last person there is in every remote corner of Guyana.
That did not happen, because House-to-House Registration came to an abrupt end with the GECOM Chair calling for it to stop. This means that the process cannot be verified, and in exactitude it is a piece of work which cannot be merged into the National Database.
Isn’t Madam Justice Singh aware of this? Where is her head? Where is her legal training put to? Isn’t she aware that you cannot merge an unverified, duplicate list with the National Database? Is she going to risk going down in history as the wishy-washy judge who bowed to pressure from the bullying PNC? Or is she going to show strict adherence to the Constitution of this country?
Come on, Justice Singh; it is high time to get on with the business of Claims and Objections, and let us have national elections.

Neil Adams