Inter-Ministries Government Agencies Republic Cup tapeball set for February 21

The Georgetown Office Assistants promotion (G.O.A) team headed by James “Uprising” Lewis will be hosting the biggest Inter- Ministries Government Agencies Republic Cup tapeball cricket competition on February 21, 2021 at the Durban Park Tarmac.

James Lewis

The match is scheduled to commence at 09:00 hrs, as the group has already received the green light from the COVID-19 Task Force. The competition is sponsored by the Ministries of Government, and the tournament would be a 7-a-side, 4-over knockout competition.
Apart from trophies and medals for the winning and runner-up teams, other attractive prizes would be up for grabs. To date, all the Ministries have shown an interest in participating, and stiff competition is anticipated. In preparation for this highly anticipated competition, teams have taken to the National Park and the Durban Park tarmacs to practise and work out the kinks.
The competition is being coordinated by James Lewis, the longest standing Public Service Office Assistant in Guyana. Strict COVID-19 guidelines will be in effect, all players must wear their mask and sanitising stations will be set up at the venue.
The closing date for entries is February 19, 2021 at noon.
For more information Lewis can be contacted on 628-1656.