International Observer Missions says Region 4 tabulation continues to lack transparency

The International Observer Missions from the Commonwealth, the European Union, and The Carter Center, in a statement, noted that the tabulation process for determining the votes cast in favour of each Political Party continues to lack transparency.

See full statement below: 

The international election observation missions in Guyana are deeply concerned about the continued lack of transparency in the ascertainment of results for Region 4.
The order of the Honourable Chief Justice on 11 March was not followed. The tabulation process did not resume on 12 March as mandated by the court. When the tabulation process was resumed on 13 March, it was not in line with the judgement, which required public tabulation as a safeguard and a measure for promoting transparency and accountability. The Chief Justice reasserted today that the actual Statements of Poll have to be displayed in this process.

The orders issued with the judgement should be complied with, and the tabulation process conducted and concluded accordingly. Unless and until this is done in Region 4, the election results cannot be considered credible.

The international election observation missions encourage all stakeholders to use all available means to conclude the electoral process in a transparent manner.

We again urge all political parties to adhere to the codes of conduct they signed and to do their utmost to ensure that a peaceful environment is maintained.