Late and great broadcaster Ishri Singh

Dear Editor,
I sincerely thank all those who wrote and paid tribute to Bhai Ishri Singh, master broadcaster blessed by Saraswati Mata with the gift of a truly golden voice that enticed listeners to keep tuned in.
As a youngster in the 1970s, I listened along with other family members to his radio programmes playing a great mix of Indian filmi and classical music at a time when GBC and Radio Demerara provided “ in-home” entertainment to the Guyanese populace in absence of television.
When Shri Eshriji migrated to the USA it was a great loss to his multitude of radio fans and there was a major vacuum created upon his departure. Other big-name radio personalities at the time in the sphere of Indian music were Ayube Hamid and journalist/broadcaster Chandrapaul Persaud to name a few.
However, while tributes have come from mainly US-based persons, I was hoping that other colleague broadcasters who worked with Ishri would pay their own tributes as well as give us some of their personal memories, a few who are still alive and here in Guyana are also well-known broadcasting personalities Ron Robinson, Rovin Deodat and Vic Insanally.

Yours sincerely,
Christopher Persaud