Losing battle by APNU/AFC Coalition

Dear Editor,
I am an avid reader and listener of all things which are considered news or public information. Also, I am very politically savvy, if I might say so freely.
Recently, it seemed as though the Government came out swinging with the additional amendment to their vaccination policy. Added to that, there is now a remarkable level of acceptance that the only form of protection that is effective in the prevention of the COVID-19 virus is through vaccination. That message was supported recently by Dr. Karen Cummings, who is a medical doctor and an Opposition politician.
I also noticed the way the Government handled the wave of protests to the new Vaccination Policy. The PPP Government showed experience and calm in handling the potential threats associated with the protest against the COVID-19 vaccination rules. They did not play into the hands of the politicians which were eagerly awaiting some step or misfortune to occur. Also, the Opposition politicians did not have the opportunity to use some small argument to accuse the Government of racial discrimination.
Today, everything is back to normal. There is business as usual. The APNU+AFC politicians are still intertwining the politics in the anti-vaccination campaign, but they have been rebuffed both at the level of the Parliament and the people.
People are smarter. They are realising who is really on their side as far as creating a healthy society is concerned. I can tell you they know it is the Government. The APNU/AFC Coalition is losing the battle to get people on their side.
More so, everyone will fall in line with time. So, the Government must keep the same energy all the time.

Yours truly,
Attiya Baksh