Losing it…

…when lying
Your Eyewitness has explained the philosopher Henry Frankfurt’s distinction between “lying” and “bullshit”. The latter is when you just say whatever the heck comes to your lips – doesn’t matter whether it’s the truth or a lie. Lying, however, is a whole new ballgame: you know the truth, but you deliberately concoct something different to suit some end of yours!!
So, unlike all the “bullshit” Granger used to spew just to show he was a pious and law-abiding citizen (ha!), what we are hearing from his myrmidons, every afternoon in front of the ACCC after the day’s recount, are pure and unadulterated “LIES”!! The fellas and felines all know the truth; their SOPs told then the truth the very evening of March 2nd, when their agents who were present in every single polling station in the land sent in copies of the said SOPs via smartphones. And so did the PPP, who knew they’d won, and promptly exhibited their copies over the World Wide Web!!
So, when Harmon insisted Granger should be sworn in because the PNC had won, he was lying through his teeth. But this was an easy lie…all he had to do was reverse the truth. But when Granger agreed to a recount — after bowing to the pressure of all the international observers and diplomats who were present when the Reg 4 SOPs were Mingoed to give the PNC the win – he threw his crew into a tailspin.
As the truth would be revealed in the boxes, they’d have to create new lies to match what was coming out every day!! But, from day one, they were faced with an unsurmountable task: which lie could possibly be plausible enough to cover Mingo’s Hail Mary? The PPP and all other observers knew exactly which of the 458 he had Mingoed on spreadsheets, and could hone in on them with the old “compare and contrast” procedure everyone learnt in Lil ABC!!
So when, lo and behold (as Granger would say unctuously), every one of these boxes to date came up “inflated” for the PNC and “deflated” for the PPP, what was there to do?? They couldn’t very well show their SOPs, since those had the truth. Well, that’s when they went to Plan B. This was to destroy the credibility of the ENTIRE elections – which would include the Mingoed boxes – and make the fiddling moot!!
But how to keep track of the lies? Dead voters – yes, but when did they know?? Before? Why not throw it out in the C&O? How did they know ahead which of the dead would vote?? Agents in every hamlet and village? And that’s just ONE lie!!
Oh, what a tangled web…

…on American “interference”
Folks must be scratching their heads at the irony of the PNC siccing their minions (as distinct from their “myrmidons”) on the US – in the person of the latter’s ambassador and the Carter Center — for “interfering” in Guyana’s sovereign affairs, while simultaneously hiring high-priced lobbyists in Washington to ask the same US to interfere on their behalf!! Guess, as the Ambassador told them in her deceptively dulcet tones, it all has to do with on whose behalf the interference is run!!

But the danger is: if this keeps up (“this” being the comedy of errors being played out in the open by the PNC), the Coalition agents are going to have some serious schizophrenic breakdowns!! After a while, cognitive dissonance is just too much for an integrated mind to contain!! But how come all the AFC reps lying on behalf of the coalition are all from the same ethnic background as Granger?? What happened to the rainbow coalition Granger was boasting about??
Isn’t he creating a new stereotypical burden that African-Guyanese now have to bear??
And schizophrenia?

…on COVID 19
Trust the PNC to exploit the greatest threat Guyana has faced since Burnham moved on! Using COVID-19 to block not only the recount from its snail’s pace, but the Carter Center from observing it.