May all negativities be extinguished with the brightness of Diwali

Dear Editor,
Throughout the world, including Guyana, Diwali is celebrated on Thursday, November 4th.
The sages who instituted this Deepawali custom may have hoped that their descendants would realise its benefits and make it a regular habit in their lives.

Unite and unify
Diwali is a unifying event, and it can soften even the hardest of hearts. It is a time when people mingle about in joy, and embrace one another. Those with keen inner spiritual ears will clearly hear the voice of the sages, “O children of God unite, and love all.” The vibrations produced by the greetings of love, which fill the atmosphere, are powerful.
When the heart has been considerably hardened, only a continuous celebration of Deepavali can rekindle the urgent need of turning away from the ruinous path of hatred.

Prosper and progress
On this day, Hindu merchants in North India open their new account books and pray for success and prosperity during the coming year. People buy new clothes for the family. Employers, too, purchase new clothes for their employees.
Homes are cleaned and decorated by day, and illuminated by night with earthen oil lamps. The best and finest illuminations can be seen from Berbice to Demerara, and throughout to Essequibo.
The famous Golden Temple at Amritsar in India is lit in the evening with thousands of lamps. This festival instills charity in the hearts of people, who perform good deeds. This includes Govardhan Puja, a celebration by Vaishnavites on the fourth day of Diwali. On this day, they feed the poor on an incredible scale.

Illuminate your inner self
The lights of Diwali also signify a time of inner illumination. Hindus believe that the light of lights is the one that steadily shines in the chamber of the heart. Sitting quietly and fixing the mind on this supreme light illuminates the soul. It is an opportunity to cultivate and enjoy eternal bliss.

From darkness unto light
In each legend, myth, and story of Deepawali lies the significance of the victory of good over evil. It is with each Deepawali and the lights that illuminate our homes and hearts that this simple truth finds new reason and hope.
From darkness unto light — the light empowers us to commit ourselves to good deeds, and brings us closer to divinity. During Diwali, lights illuminate every corner of the world, and the scent of incense sticks hangs in the air, mingled with the sounds of firecrackers, joy, togetherness, and hope.
Diwali is celebrated around the globe. Outside of India, it is more than a Hindu festival; it’s a celebration of South-Asian identities, Hindus, followers, observers and other participants.
If you are away from the sights and sounds of Diwali, light a diya, sit quietly, shut your eyes, withdraw the senses, concentrate on this supreme light, and illuminate the soul.
This Diwali season is truncated with so many deaths due to COVID-19 and crime in Guyana. Let us light a special diya for all the departed souls we have lost, and say a special prayer in their memory. Let us pray also for the well-being of all the leaders of this country and the rest of the world, to always do what is best and right for the people by exercising wisdom, care and good judgement.
May all negativities be extinguished from everyone, especially the sick, oppressed and depressed, with the brightness of Diwali.
Shubh Diwali to you and your family.
Jai Lall