NA school temporarily closes as students display strange behaviour

Students attending the Tutorial Academy Secondary on Tuesday and Wednesday reportedly started exhibiting strange behaviour, which some claimed was as a result of some supernatural force in the school compound.
Regional education officials assessed the situation and allowed religious leaders to visit the school on Wednesday. However, there are reports that the situation intensified at the school Wednesday.
“Evil some students manifesting,” was how some students at the school described the situation.

Students jumping the fence as they run out of the school’s compound on Wednesday morning

Residents of the community told Guyana Times that on Wednesday morning about 10:00h they saw students rushing to exit the school compound with many of them jumping over the fence. In under two minutes, more than half of the school population was on the road, a resident said.
Reports are that while students were writing their end-of-term test, some began showing signs of illness and were taken to the hospital.
One teacher reported that he was unaware that something was amiss until he saw a fourth child being taken out.
The teacher said he was monitoring a class and the second child who was being lifted out appeared to be unconscious.
The teacher related that the student fell face first to the concrete floor. However, it was not until four others were taken out of the building that he realised that something was wrong.
According to a student, he saw some other students behaving strangely and they had a weird look in their eyes.
The students were taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital.
Two of those who were sent to the New Amsterdam Hospital reportedly returned with a religious leader who told the school’s administration that the hospital could not help the children, since their problem was supernatural.
The religious leader reportedly began to perform a ritual on two of the students who were acting strangely.
According to one teacher, while speaking in a strange voice, a male student told the religious leader “seven” when asked a question.
The said student was reportedly twisting himself into positions which were not normal during the ritual.
Meanwhile, on Wednesday regional officials allowed religious leaders – from all three major faiths – to visit the school.
One teacher said they held an interfaith service.
Regional education officials who made a second visit to the school took a decision to close the school for the remainder of the week. (G4)