Nexgen Golf Academy brings out the Stars

“The stars are at the Academy every day, and not just at night,” said President of the Guyana Golf Association, Aleem Hussain, as he announced that Golfing Superstars Avinash Persaud, 10-time Men’s Guyana Open Champion, and Dr. Joaan Deo, former Women’s Guyana Open and Suriname Ladies Champion, have signed a long-term coaching deal with the Academy.

Avinash Persaud

“With the sport gaining momentum daily and national attention growing, the demand for the best training has caused us to seek the top coaches to join our team. We are pleased to announce that, effective immediately, the coaching services of two of the top players in Guyana are now available at the Academy, to ensure that new players are able to learn from the best players in the country.
“Avinash has represented Guyana in Trinidad, Suriname and Jamaica, and has successfully defended the Guyana Open title an astonishing TEN times, beating off competition from top players from all over the world. He is undoubtedly the best player Guyana has ever seen in recent years, considering that he backs up his ability with a record that rivals top performance globally.
“Avinash has the talent to hit shots that most players can only imagine, and plans to teach all those who want to enjoy the game exactly how it’s done.”
“Once you see how effortlessly and smoothly the ball can be hit, and maximum distance generated, you will realize that any and every one has the ability to enjoy this wonderful game,” said the Champ Avinash.
Dr. Joaan Deo, despite being in pursuit of her Master’s degree, said she has always been there with Hussain to promote the game, and sees this as an obligation to the sport.

Dr Joaan Deo

“Aleem and I represented Guyana in Barbados and Suriname, and together went from school to school, University of Guyana, and even Giftland Mall to teach the game; and this is just another step towards making sure that golf climbs to become one of the most played and recognized sports in Guyana,” Dr Deo said.
Joaan has won top honours in Guyana and Suriname, and has won several major sponsored events locally. She brings a fluid swing taught to her by her father Chen Deo, former Captain of the LGC, who stated, “I am impressed with the efforts of the Golf Academy to attract so many women and children who are now playing golf for the first time, and it is important that they are given the best instruction at the very beginning.”
“This move to bring on coaches shows that we are moving in the right direction,” Chen has said.
With more than 400 new players joining the sport in the past few months, the need for coaches has exceeded the current efforts being made by Mr. Hussain and Colin Ming, who donated over 25 sets of junior golf clubs, and assisted with a kids’ camp to provide individual training to so many new players.
Additionally, the donations by Christopher Ram and Ramesh Dookhoo, to create programmes for underprivileged children, have set the stage for the game to continue its expansion, as more individuals and corporations join to support such efforts.
The fully lighted Golf Academy and Driving Range is open daily from 6am to 8pm, and is always in superb condition, rainy weather or not. All equipment and balls are included in the low fee charged, since the focus is on providing the best experience possible at the lowest cost.
To book a private lesson with either of the superstar coaches, simply call 645-0944, visit the Academy on Woolford Avenue, or their Facebook page Nexgen Golf Academy & Driving Range.