Only full compliance with the Constitution of Guyana is acceptable

Dear Editor,
The Chairman of GECOM has finally put an end to the House-to-House Registration exercise, this is a most welcomed act and I must commend her for doing so. However, that move still falls woefully short of fulfilling the constitutional requirements of the law which states that GECOM should now move swiftly into elections mode.
That elections mode means that there must be a Claims and Objections process, which would in effect add to the List of Electors those persons who would have attained the voting age of 18 years as well as sanitise the list of those persons who would have died since the last election. This is the final stage of the electoral process which should take us no more than one month to complete, albeit to officially come to compliance with the constitutional deadline.
On the other hand, the PNC-led coalition, through its political hacks at GECOM, is trying to spin a confusing yarn that the present duplicate, and in most cases, suspect list of registrants, must be added to the National Register of Registrants database. This cannot be because here you have a House-to-House exercise that lacked the scrutiny of the main political Opposition (which makes it totally illegal) and an exercise that is wholly incomplete, this brings into focus another nonsensical issue.
So, this idiotic argument cannot be allowed to flourish even to the point of gaining any sensible attention, you cannot add an incomplete list to the NRR list, it just cannot happen. This is just another delay tactic by the PNC to confuse and delay the holding of general elections.
In the first place, the holding of House-to-House was an order issued by an illegally appointed GECOM Head, which again made that order illegal.
Instead of getting ready for elections which should have been set in motion since December 22, the day after the successful passage of the No-Confidence Motion, that illegal Chairman began a process of political posturing all in the grand scheme to avoid election preparation. Seeing that this new Chairperson has decided to get out of that morass, the only logical thing now is to follow the Constitution to the letter.
Elections must be held, and there should be no delay.

Neil Adams