Over 100 families affected by freak storm in Region 10

Communities across Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) were sent into distress on Saturday after a freak storm caused damages to numerous houses in the early morning hours, affecting over 100 families.

Floodwaters inundate the streets after the storm

The regional administration disclosed that a number of residents in Moblissa to Blueberry Hill, Linden and other surrounding areas were affected by the heavy rainfall and forceful winds which shredded through roofs and walls. In photos uploaded on social media, residents voiced their plights as water accumulated several inches from the heavy rainfall.
Chairman of the Region Democratic Council (RDC), Renis Morian said, “This was a big storm and it has left many residents with secure damaged homes, we are therefore seeking assistance as the RDC so that we can render needed assistance and help to several families”.
This was the largest storm seen in recent times and the much destruction is estimated within the losses in the millions. Morian informed that a team is currently assessing the extent of damage done, but appealed the general public to lend whatever assistance to the affected persons. They are in need of zinc sheets, food hampers and any amount of cleaning detergents.
“The damage done is severe and I figure that it will be in the vicinity of millions, we are seeking assistance to help some 100 families who would have been severely affected by the storm. Therefore, as the Regional Chairman, I am humbly appealing to the general public to come forward and lend whatever assistance that they can give to assist those severely affected at this time,” he appealed.
He said that an emergency meeting by the Council is being organised so that a concentrated and properly-coordinated approach can be taken in addressing the matter. However, they are visiting each house to determine the magnitude of damages and the need for relief.
“At the moment, while a team is doing an assessment, I am meeting with residents house-to-house seeking their views and addressing their concerns,” the Regional Chairman said.