Parika NDC finally gets Police help to remove squatter

Following an article published by Guyana Times of Police lack of support to the Mora-Parika Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) to enforce a High Court order, which sought to have a building demolished, assistance was finally provided to dismantle the illegally constructed structure.
The piece of land, referred to as Parcel 176, is reserved as “Highway to Parika Stelling” but was occupied by an individual by the name of Anita London, who was

The building on Government reserve which was demolished on Friday

operating a business. The building, according to a court order is located on Government reserve which was blocking a legitimate land holder from accessing his land, which is behind the illegal structure.
Speaking with this publication, Chairman of the NDC Jaideo Sookhoo related that Police officers went with the NDC to maintain order during the demolition exercise on Friday.
This was done since previous attempts to enforce the court order was met with resistance.
“This morning (Friday), I got a call from the marshal at the court and they brought Police officers. The entire structure came down and the owner was given until 11:00h to clear out.”
This newspaper had reported on Thursday that the owners of the land behind the illegal structure have been denied access for years as a result of the impasse. The matter begun engaging the court in 2015 but despite the court order the NDC were unable to demolish the structure.
This resulted in the owner taking the NDC to court, where it was ruled that adherence must be made to the law and as such, the Council must demolish the building.
While the NDC would have sought to peacefully resolve the matter, the squatter obtained a stay of execution, which was also dismissed, and the court upheld its decision that she must remove from the property.
The NDC Chairman had maintained that there was no cooperation from the Police or the squatter in their many attempts to remove the building.
However, on Friday the squatter agreed to comply with the court order and assisted with the demolition.
“When we go to demolish it, the owner decided to comply. They say that they will demolish it themselves and we give them a chance to do so,” the Chairman said.