Parties must not interfere with work of GECOM on declaration

Dear Editor,
The political parties should not place any more obstacles on the path of GECOM, preventing it from making its long-expected declaration of the election results. People don’t want any more delays. Five months have passed and people are still waiting for the official declaration. They are fed up, exasperated, frustrated, and tired of waiting for finality so normalcy can return to the country. They want the country to move on and they also want to move on with their lives. They have been struggling to make ends meet and for the rehabilitation of the economy that has been in steady decline over the last few years and made worse over the last eight months. So many depend on hampers for survival. I thank the donors. Dr Irfaan Ali and the PPP have been at the forefront aiding the poor.
Peoples’ lives have taken a huge toll since the elections. Their finance suffered a setback – a slowdown from a double whammy – COVID and election instability. Even before that, unemployment was some 40 per cent. The people now appeal to the parties to stop shenanigans and court cases and allow GECOM to do its work. Out of love for the country, APNU should stop court petitions.
All the courts pronounced on the declaration – the High Court, Appeal Court, and CCJ – that the recount numbers must be used for a declaration. This cannot be changed regardless of how many appeals are made or additional petitions filed. The CCJ pronounced finality. That ruling won’t be reversed. And no court would stop GECOM from making a declaration.
The coalition should accept the court ruling and behave honourably. It is pleasing to read that the President announced he would accept the declaration even if he lost. He should instruct his subordinates to end court cases and judicial abuses. Joe Harmon and other PNC stalwarts are reasonable people; they would listen to the President were he to tell them there is no way that the coalition can be declared the winner. All paths to victory have been closed. The President, his subordinates, and his party would redeem their reputation.
The recount certified that the President lost to Irfaan Ali. No country would recognise Granger were he to be declared the winner or if the coalition continues to defy world opinion. The President should concede and allow the country to move on. This would lead to healing and national reconciliation.
GECOM should make the declaration – Lowenfield should act as instructed. Failing that, GECOM should bypass Lowenfield and appoint the deputy or some other person to complete the process.

Yours truly,
Dr Vishnu Bisram

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