Police yet to nab taxi driver involved in sex tape with minor

Two months have passed since a Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) taxi driver released a sex tape with him and a minor but Police are yet to apprehend him.
Following the unlawful circulation of the video back in April, the suspect, who is a Lindener, has reportedly gone into hiding. Police have since been on the hunt for him as he is being sought for questioning in relation to the incident.
Regional Commander, Superintendent Hugh Winter on Friday noted that the matter is still under investigation and Police are yet to apprehend the suspect. Following the allegations, the minor and a parent visited Police. The Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) Division has since launched a probe into the incident after the video which shows the teen involved in the sexual act, allegedly with the taxi driver, started circulating on social media. The Regional Welfare Department was also made aware of the incident. In the video which went viral, the two can be seen sitting in the back of a car. The minor is then videotaped performing the sexual act. The male can be heard telling the minor to look in the camera, which she refused to do.
As ranks continued the hunt for the taxi driver, yet another video later surfaced implicating him and another man with another female who was suspected to be a minor. Reports had indicated that the other video was leaked within days of the first. However, the Regional Commander indicated that it has since been proven that the female in the video is over the age of 18. He said the woman has since indicated that she did not wish to press any charges. Nevertheless, the investigation into the first incident is still ongoing. According to Police, ranks have searched various addresses for the suspect but they came up empty-handed. Police are urging anyone with information on the taxi driver to come forward.