Responsible Drinking

Satiricus was intrigued. Here it was that the folks who were producing alcohol for fellas like him and his buddies to drink were now promoting “responsible drinking”?  Satiricus knew he wasn’t the brightest bulb in the room – any room – but he was confused. How exactly would the rum companies discourage drinking? He’d have to get the fellas at the Back Street Bar, where he was headed, to explain this to him.
“Ow Budday!! Wha’ yuh a tek worries fa?” laughed Cappo when Satiricus unloaded his disquiet. “Abee a drink beer only! Da respansible!”
“I know, but what will these rum companies do?” Satiricus asked, as he downed a beer in one long gurgle. “Put warning labels like the cigarette companies?”
“Like ‘RUM GUH EAT OUT YUH LIVAH’ pan ev’ry baattle?” laughed Bungi, who’d matched Satiricus gulp for gulp. “Me na t’ink suh!”
“Sato, old friend, the rum companies are just being politically correct,” said Hari, as he wiped the beer fuzz from his lips. “Unless they do something, the Government will step in on alcoholism.”
“Well, they SAID something,” said Satiricus. “But what will they DO?”
“Dem guh stap advatising?” asked Cappo, reaching for another beer. “Or promotin’ all dem sportin’ show?”
“I don’t see them doing that,” said Satiricus firmly, as he waved frantically for another beer. “These are businesses that make profits depending on how much alcohol they sell!”
“Well, notice dem na tell abee fuh STAP drinkin,” pointed out Bungi, as he clinked his bottle with Hari’s. “Suh maybe dem guh tell abee how much fuh drink?”
“Like people mus’ only tek two shat?” asked Cappo, worriedly sipping his third beer. “Or only two beer?”
“Budday, don’t worry about THAT happening!” said Hari as he started on his fourth. “They’ll leave YOU to decide the meaning of “responsible’!”
“We know when you start singing “Kutch Kutch Hota hai” that’s it for you!!” grinned Satiricus. “Like you’re about to do!”
“Fuh Bungi, da w’en ‘e cyaan stap skin ‘e teeth!” said Cappo, poking the target of his jibe in the ribs, who vainly tried to stop grinning.