School and bank robbers

Satiricus was shocked when he read of the attempted heist at Republic Bank. He was shaken to his core by this expansion of the criminal fraternity into the bosom of respectable families – like his! All his life, he’d been taught that if you go to school, study hard, pass your exams and get a job, you were well on your way to climbing the ladder of social success. Jeez! He’d have to look at his kids a little closer now, wouldn’t he?
“But wha’ mek yuh suh shack, Sato?” asked Bungi at the Back Street Bar, where they were ensconced as usual.
“Well, look how they were all educated,” said Satiricus, sounding a little surprised at the question.
“Suh yuh t’ink only people like me who na gat educa-shan, ah rab bank?” Bungi asked carefully, as Hari watched on with interest.
“Well, up to now that’s been the case, right?” said Satiricus firmly.
“Not exactly,” interjected Hari before Bungi could respond. “That guy Blackie, whose gang robbed that Essequibo bank, was a GDF soldier who had a good education, you know. Special Forces!”
“And dem fifteen chap who rab dem two bank in Berbice, when dem shoot up de PPCEE people, na bin gat educa-shan?” asked Bungi more pointedly.
“OK…OK. Fellas. I see what you’re getting at!” said Satiricus. “But those bandits had education with guns. These young men didn’t. They just had book education.”

“Suh yuh t’ink me guh rab bank?” asked Bungi pointedly. “Me na gat jab, yuh know. An me nah gat book educa-shan.”
“Well, I don’t think you’re bank robber material,” admitted Satiricus.
“And that’s the point, right Sato?” said Hari. “There are some people who are “bank robber” material – whether they have education or not.”
“An’ dat “material’ a mek a house!” said Bungi emphatically. “Na school!!”