There seems to be no hope for City Hall

Dear Editor,
Well it seems as though we are in for another sidesplitting, waste of time circus, better known as a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) in Guyana.
Our beloved country over the last few years has become renowned for spending large sums of money, and enormous amounts of time to conduct a plethora of Commissions of Inquiry from Lindo Creek to the Guyana Sugar Corporation and from the public education system to circumstances surrounding the death in an explosion of the late Dr Walter Rodney and then having them all left on some shelf in a back room gathering dust.
Now reports have surfaced that the Chairman of the Local Government Commission (LGC) has illegally and indecorously kicked one of the Commissioners out from committee meetings being held to discuss the findings of the CoI which the LGC requested and commissioned into the goings on at the Georgetown Municipality.
This course of action apart from being unlawful, puts on full display another horrendous example of the clear disregard for women by some men in Guyana, and the level of the impactful political ‘bully culture’ that is raising its ugly head once again in our country. Why is the other former municipal employee and union leader not being forced to recuse himself from the proceedings as well? What’s good for the goose must be good for the gander.
Each and every one in Guyana, or as they say here Tom, Dick and Harrylall, are well aware that the Georgetown Municipality is the most tainted, rotten and morally debased institution in the country and possibly the region. Corruption, embezzlement, cronyism and nepotism are regular pastimes at City Hall and everybody and their grandmother know that.
It was therefore the expectation of all decent minded Guyanese that the entire top layer of the administration of the Council and some of the political directorate would have been removed years ago, with some of them being handed over to the various law enforcement agencies, that there would have been forensic audits into the finances of that institution held over the decades which were not, and that the bloated payroll would have been halved a long time ago getting rid of all of the friends and family who were illicitly recruited.
Finally, however, a CoI was held, and the citizens were given hope of some redemption in the city when they saw the recommendations of its Chairman. Alas! Instead of quickly implementing those recommendations and possibly going even further, the folks at the LGC seem to be pussyfooting, playing politics and seeming to want to give their duplicitous comrades at City Hall, golden parachutes that would allow them to parascend honourably into retirement with their saddlebags full of the ill-gotten loot they snatched brutishly from the citizenry.
Regrettably, there seems to be no hope for City Hall, as it has been business as usual at the Council with the offenders who were identified by the CoI in criminal enterprise being allowed to carry out their routine tasks at their desks as though nothing irregular has happened, with Councillors who were complicit with the wrongdoings over the years have been given key positions in significant committees in the new Council, and now with a major effort underway to exonerate the culprits who have been found guilty of major wrongdoings.

Shanta Singh