Unrelenting display of dishonesty

Dear Editor,
I seek your consideration in publishing this letter, giving expression to my unbearable disgust over the unrelenting display of dishonesty spearheaded by President David Granger. This letter highlights a few recent deliberate distortions of facts and incidents in our country which must not go unnoticed.
By now, it is well established that Granger is fully conversant with lies and he tells them with a straight, bold face, one after the other, hoping that his staged images of kneeling in church would mask his serial dishonesty. There is no automacy between prayer and honesty or decency for that matter, as I have witnessed some praying people who represent the worse deceit and hypocrisy.
On the sugar industry: Granger on Monday in New Amsterdam claimed that the Diamond Sugar Estate was closed by the PPP/C Government, knowing fully well that is a lie. It was former President Desmond Hoyte who closed the Diamond Estate. Granger repeatedly tries to distort the history of things that disfavours him or his party for obvious reasons.
His claim about being criticised for praying: another lie by Granger. The PPP/C never criticised him for praying, never ever did it happen. It was often said that the religion he embraces, does not subscribe to corruption, lies and dishonesty which have been the hallmark of Granger’s APNU/AFC Government. The PPP/C does not criticise people’s religion, race or gender.
On his Brigadier status: the criticism that ensues is that though he was Brigadier he was never made Chief-of-Staff of the GDF because neither former Presidents, Forbes Burnham or Desmond Hoyte had faith and confidence in his leadership ability which resulted in both of them bypassing Granger for the post as Chief-of-Staff of the army. That is simple, plain truth.
We are already familiar with the numerous Granger lies and fake promises as famous as those in the 2015 elections campaign and the numerous others that popularise him as someone who is untrustworthy, undependable and lacking integrity.
I will avoid venturing into an argument over Granger’s bedtime for the moment, just to say that I rather suspect his sleeping pattern has changed ever since the No-Confidence Motion, as defeat stares loudly at him at the March 2 elections.

Yours truly,
Kwame Mc Coy