Vendors again bemoan rapid deterioration of Stabroek Market Wharf

By Ramona Luthi

The promised restoration of the dilapidated Stabroek Market wharf by the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has not yet begun and vendors on Monday expressed worry as the structure continues to weaken rapidly.

A section of the dilapidated structure at the Stabroek Market wharf
A section of the dilapidated structure at the Stabroek Market wharf

At the beginning of the year, Town Clerk Royston King had announced that there will be a “massive upgrade” at the facility.

However, when Guyana Times visited the area Monday, no work had yet commenced and vendors registered their disappointment at the delay in restoration.

According to vendors, though the area was recognised as a danger hazard, they continued to ply their trade there since it was their only means of income.

One vegetable vendor at the wharf told this publication: “This wharf propa scary fuh deh pon but I got to come. It shaky at times. I don’t have anyone to mine me. I have to work. They said they gon repair the place six months ago. Now is July and nothing ain’t even start yet.”

Another merchant who identified himself as “Dhillip” noted that sections of the wharf had “caved in” during September of 2014 and March of 2015 and nothing had been done to better the situation.

“When the wharf been collapse, they didn’t do nothing fuh help. All we getting in empty promises. They keep talking but aint doing nothing. I fed up with talk, man. They just waiting fuh somebody dead here. Then they gon tek things serious,” he predicted.

Meanwhile, during the latter part of June, King had declared that the Mayor and City Council solicited assistance from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and is waiting on the “go ahead” to begin the rehabilitation on the Stabroek Market Wharf.

King acknowledged the deterioration of the wharf and so related that preparations are being made to have the vendors relocated, while further highlighting that the Market Office will be temporarily transferred to the Kitty Market.