VISIONS 2018 to expose talent of upcoming photographers

In 2016, several photographers came together to salvage a curated exhibition, originally conceived as Capture Guyana 2016, from the Culture, Youth and Sport Ministry, Government of Guyana, turning it into VISIONS 2016, which was the first curated photographic exhibition of its kind in Guyana.
Now, two years later, VISIONS 2018 is on the horizon with the first iteration, a curated photographic exhibition, organised by Michael Lam and curated by Karran Sahadeo.
VISIONS 2018 is open to any resident of Guyana with a valid identification (ID) card, while photographs from any genre and captured on any device are accepted. The main stipulation is the photographer should submit three to five images within a theme of their own choosing for consideration.
All submissions should be digital, and the final selection of images was based on the quality of the images as well as their adherence to the theme within which they are submitted. This selection was curated into a single collection for exhibition under a narrative conceptualised by the curator, Karran Sahadeo, based on the overall submissions.
There were a total of 30 photographers submitting images, with the total number of images submitted being 137; out of these, the images selected as the final set to be exhibited numbered 30 from fifteen 15 photographers, some having a single piece, some multiple pieces. Each piece was printed as Gallery Wraps, canvas on pinewood frames, at a size of 16”x 24”.
This time, the exhibition will take on two parts – we are launching at Michael Griffith’s Oxygen Arts Gallery, a small gallery that is typical of the art world, displaying the images in the traditional “White Box”. The close quarters of the Gallery is expected to bring the photographs together for an intimate telling of the narrative and the pieces will be on display there from December 1-15.
The second part will be at The Duke, which is a restaurant/art gallery at Duke Lodge, the pieces will be on display there from December 17-29. The Duke offers a darker ambience with a restaurant setting in an older wooden building.
VISIONS 2018 is encouraging everyone to try to see the pieces in both locations to experience how these images will affect the viewer under these two different settings.
There will be a very informal social gathering on the first day at Oxygen Arts Gallery from 14:00h-16:00h.