We need help

Dear Editor,
I am a young lady from a village called Greenfield (Beehive) on the East Coast of Demerara. For the past two months, we have been experiencing frequent power outages and the cause is from a not good transformer that they keep repairing over and over again and GPL doesn’t care to have it replaced.
It’s too much for a small village that is striving and struggling. In addition, we have a broken bridge which is the main bridge for the village; plus, damaged roads and streets which need the attention of the Government officials.
We have been sharing the pictures on social media thinking that it will catch their attention. But nothing is been done or said. Literally nothing! One time, Minister Deodat messaged and asked where was the place and we told him and also explained the problem to him but it was of no use. Please help us make this public. We need help! There are school children and small business owners who are suffering the most.
Every time when it’s nearing to election that’s when you’re going to see attention and concerns being paid and fake promises are being given and as soon as elections are over; it’s like we don’t exist and there is no village by the name of Greenfield. Please, we need help.

Yours sincerely,