Whim Cricket Club concerned by vandalism of venue

– calling on relevant authorities to put an end to those activities

Current executives of the Whim Cricket Club, known for producing former Guyana and West Indies players Mahendra and Vishaul Nagamootoo, are calling on the relevant authorities to look into the matter of vandalism of the venue, in which the condition of the ground is reduced to a state of disrepair by the activities of rogue cattle owners.

Whim Cricket Club won a BCB title in February 2021

The members of this richly talented cricket club have said they have evidence to substantiate their contention, and based on solid evidence they produced, this publication recently made a visit to the venue.
The locks and gates were found to be broken, and animals were wandering about the ground. With the Berbice Cricket Board’s (BCB’s) season tentatively set for a return in October, the members of the Whim Cricket Club are concerned about the state of the venue and its readiness for the upcoming season.
A member of Whim said: “We are disappointed in the condition of our cricket ground. Animals are coming in the ground by owners, and they are breaking into our ground. We, as members, take full responsibility in keeping this ground safe, and by doing so, we put multiple locks on the gate and the owners break (the locks) and enter (the venue illegally). We are calling on the relevant authorities to look into this matter, and also the NDC, which is located in front of the ground.”

The situation at Whim with animals in the venue

Members are concerned that persons are also vandalising the pavilion. The members have all co-operated by came out in their numbers to put an end to the activities of rogue cattle owners. These members were also seen at the Whim Police Station, lodging a formal complaint about vandalism taking place at the venue.
In February 2021, the Whim Cricket Club emerged as champions of the Nagamootoo Brothers Cup, defeating favourites Rose Hall Town Tigers. Whim have competed in various BCB tournaments, and in addition to the Nagamootoo brothers, have produced some good youth players in the ancient county. (Brandon Corlette)